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Design and build Robotic Tool for string weaving
by Vernelle A. A. Noel, 2015
ABB Robot, Rhino 3D, CNC Machine


Video by Ardavan Bidgoli

Combining non-digital craft practices with digital technology and robotics can enable novel design expressions, manufacturing, and construction processes. String sculptures can be labor intensive when assembled by hand. In contrast, robotic assembly has the potential to be faster and more precise. In order to test the intersection of robotic technologies with craft practices, we must develop tools and technologies to facilitate and demonstrate these ideas. In this project I focus on the design of a robot-tool, and demonstrate its ability to fabricate string sculptures. Roboweave is an enabling tool that combines a positioning robotic arm and the practice of weaving. It accepts and spools yarn, and guides the yarn around points to create the weave. The tool's ability to increase the rate of weaving provides an opportunity to research the large-scale digital manufacturing of woven structures for a variety of applications such as: architectural structures, dancing sculptures, and installations.


Conceptual and Design Development of Roboweave


Externalization of the symbolic representation by prototyping - Cognitive offloading



3D model of Roboweave


Full-scaled built prototype



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