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Developing original software that visualizes data interactively
by Vernelle A. A. Noel, 2015


In this project I developed an original piece of software with Processing. It interactively visualizes data that I collected on design in the Trinidad Carnival in 2012-2013. An important aspect of creating this piece of software was caring about the data, considering about the audience, and the narrative told by the data. The purpose of my visualization is both intellectual and informative. Data in design cannot be captured solely with text. Carnival, for example, is very visual. Presentation of my data in traditional formats such as tables, text, and photos alone would conceal important aspects of this cultural design practice.


My software prototype displays the following:

  1. Images of the person(s) interviewed.

  2. The sizes of the circles are related to their number of years of experience in design in the Trinidad Carnival.

  3. Audio of my interview with them (currently placeholder audio).

  4. A photo (or placeholder) of their design. In all but one case the final built artifact. “How the thing is” is captured in this image.

  5. A video showing “how the thing moves.”
    Those three visual pieces of information (person, artifact, how a person dances the artifact) should inform those outside the context of Trinidad Carnival.


The interviewee (left), images of their work (middle), and video of their design (right)


As users hover over the circles, the following information is displayed in text:

  1. The name of the person interviewed

  2. Their area of expertise/ title

  3. The length of my interview with them

  4. The date on which the interview occurred, and

  5. A transcript of the interview




Below a video illustrates how the software works:



Copyright © 2015 Vernelle A. A. Noel