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Fabrication of Robotic String Sculptures
by Vernelle A. A. Noel, 2015
ABB Robot, Rhino 3D, Grasshopper, HAL, RobotStudio, Yarn

Video by Ardavan Bidgoli

Non-digital craft practices - such as weaving - when combined with robotics and large-scale digital fabrication can enable craft-inspired construction. The Robotic String Sculpture (RSS) is an in-progress research project that involves designing and building a robot-tool assembly to fabricate string sculptures. This work includes a robotically controlled system that weaves colored yarn, and a structure designed to receive the weave. In this pilot project I demonstrate this system by designing and building the robotic tool, the weaving structure, and the resulting artifact. Developing applications of this work include the fabrication of architectural structures, dancing sculptures, and installations.

Image of robot and tool in 3D environment


Simulation with HAL


Robot, tool, weaving structure, and yarn

vernelle_noel, robot, string sculpture

Robot fabricated string scultpure



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