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The Bailey-Derek Grammar: Recording the craft of wire-bending in the Trinidad Carnival


This paper presents work on the development of a shape grammar that records the dying, undocumented craft of wire-bending in the Trinidad Carnival. This craft is important for the building and continuation of cultural heritage and identity. Due to the lack of prior research in this non-Western design practice, the author conducted site visits, interviews and observations, and visually examined wire-bent artifacts in Trinidad to develop this grammar. This paper presents the materials, steps and shape rules that begin to synthesize the craft, as well as one design. [Link]

Keywords: wire-bending; Bailey-Derek Grammar; shape grammars; computational design; Trinidad Carnival

Citation - Noel, Vernelle A.A. 2015. “The Bailey-Derek Grammar: Recording the Craft of Wire-Bending in the Trinidad Carnival.” Leonardo 48 (4): 357–65. doi:10.1162/LEON_a_01089.



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