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VERNELLE A. A. NOEL is a Research Scientist, Computational Designer, and Architect who has worked in the U.S., the Caribbean, India, and Singapore. Currently a Ph.D. Candidate in Design Computing she investigates craft, computational making and technology in cultural design practices. Vernelle was also a presenter at TEDxPortofSpain in 2015, where she gave a talk entitled, "The Power of Making: Craft, Computation, and Carnival." Noel has presented at top academic conferences in the USA and Europe, and has been a primary reviewer for SIGGRAPH, IEEE VIS, and the NSF, to name a few.

Vernelle graduated from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in 2013 with her Masters of Science in Architecture Studies from the Design Computation Group. Her research focused on computational approaches to design, digital fabrication, and CAD/CAM technologies such as 3D printing. How to Make (Almost) Anything, by FAB LAB creator Neil Gershenfeld was one her most influential courses. Her Masters dissertation entitled, Trinidad Carnival: Improving Design through Computation & Digital Technology, examined the dying craft of wire-bending, and ways of improving design in the Trinidad Carnival through computation.

After graduating from MIT, Vernelle co-taught courses in Design Computation, Digital Design & Fabrication at the Singapore University of Technology & Design (SUTD). This included a Self-Assembly workshop with TED Fellow and MIT colleague, Skylar Tibbits.

Vernelle received her professional degree in Architecture from Howard University, then worked with international design firm Burt Hill in Washington, DC., and Ahmedabad, India. She is the Founder, Creator, and Editor of Architecture Caribbean, an online platform that showcased and promoted design by Caribbean nationals. Vernelle has designed several projects locally and internationally, and attributes her early passion and sensibilities in design to her mentor and friend, Colin Laird.

She has received several awards for her work, including the i2i (ideas2innovations) award in 2014. Her work and multi-disciplinary approach intersects architecture and design, craft, materials science, artificial intelligence, and advanced computation. Presentations at academic conferences include, "The Bailey-Derek Grammar: Recording the craft of wire-bending in the Trinidad Carnival" at SIGGRAPH 2015 in Los Angeles, California; "Crafting as Inquiry into Computation: Exploring wire-bending in traditional practice and design education" at eCAADe in Oulu, Finland; and "New Technologies in the Preservation and Development of Design in the Trinidad Carnival" at CHNT 21 in Vienna, Austria.

VAAN Design Lab, is a multidisciplinary research based practice focusing on craft, Carnival, computational making, and technologies for novel design and manufacturing processes. VAAN Design Lab crosses disciplines from design to fabrication, craft (wire-bending) to robotics.

More information about her work as a designer, architect, innovator, research scientist, and artist may be seen here:



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